Coaching of Agile professional and teams - 4 days

Day 1 | Agile environments # 1 (team and individual)

  • Kick-off
  • Back to the definition of Agile and coaching
  • Clarity about the (working) environment: What is really going on?
  • The roles of an Agile Coach

Day 2 | Creating learning environments

  • The role of a coach in regard to the 'drama triangle'
  • Exploring various coaching styles: Who am I as a coach?
  • Personal values and how they resonate in coaching conversations
  • Solution-oriented coaching: Do it yourself

Day 3 | What type of coach am I

  • Explore your own talents using the Strengthfinder assessment
  • Develop and grow through the use of your own talents
  • Gain insight into the learning objectives
  • Coach with your own and other people's talents

Day 4 | Group dynamics

  • Team maturity based on the model of Marijke Lingsma (M1-M4)
  • Recognizing and dealing with resistance: Dysfunctional teams (Lencioni)
  • Get people moving with insight and knowledge
  • Communication within virtual teams, tips and tricks