Coaching in Agile transformations - 4 days

Day 9 | Agile transformations

  • Locate, structure and transfer value flows
  • Practical experiences: Using case studies as a toolkit
  • Facilitate the Agile transformation as an Agile Coach
  • The role of an Agile Coach in accelerating an Agile transformation

Day 10 | Agile leadership

  • Including management in Agile working
  • Sharpening future prospects (strategy)
  • Agility leadership growth model
  • The role of an Agile Coach in relation to management teams

Day 11 | Scaling Agile

  • Agile challenges on a large scale
  • The role of coaching with regard to scaling Agile
  • Scaling up Agile and the role of an Agile Coach
  • Frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, Spotify and Nexus

Day 12 | Interpretation and implementation

  • Final Simulation or customer visit
  • Establishing and maintaining an Agile Coach learning community
  • Reflection on the learning and development process
  • Completion by means of an action plan and graduation ceremony


Coaching on the job (with an Agile Coach) Participants in this program can have an Agile Coach to carry out situational consultations in their own working environment.