Coaching of Agile professionals and teams

The start of a personalised coaching programme. We reflect on your personal coaching talent by trying out and experiencing different coaching styles. In this way we find the coaching style that suits you best. Experiencing these different styles helps you pick the best choice for each coaching question. A next step will be exploring the Agile environment and what the role of an Agile coach might be in this context. The developmental path to becoming an independent Agile coach will be outlined.



Coaching of Agile teams and organisations

During the second module, business best practices will be shared and explored. The new knowledge on coaching will be implemented in the Agile context. We explore the Agile context and dynamics in coaching interactions. Your own talents and other people’s talents will be mapped and used to trigger change behaviour. Looking at the Agile environment, we will map coaching interventions. You will explore your role and learning path, as an Agile coach in the context of teams and the broader organisation.



Coaching in Agile organisations

We look at the optimal growth potential of the Agile coach. This module is specifically for the more experienced coach. While looking at Agile transformations, we explore suitable behaviour and the dynamics of Agile coaching. All this is intertwined with the knowledge gathered in the field of Scaling Agile and Agile transformations. During this phase of learning, we facilitate a toolkit and connect talents to practical knowledge and experiences.