Being a coach - 4 days

* There will be a final evaluation and we will set up the community system for all participants who decide not to continue the programme after the foundation level.

Day 1 - Monday

Kick-off programme and laying the foundation for coaching

The training programme starts with the group getting to know each other and sharing expectations. Introduction of the online learning platform, study assignments and other practicalities.

  • Coaching needs: The starting point of every coach conversation
  • The role of a coach related to the winner and victim triangle
  • Exploring different coaching styles

Day 2 - Tuesday

What type of coach am I?

  • By means of a strength-finder assessment you explore personal talents
  • Develop and set your learning path related to your personal talents
  • How to map the learning goals of your trainee and use the need for change to create motion


Informal kick-off with a 3 course dinner.


Break - Free day

To give you some headspace during the week we planned the Wednesday free of training. You can use the Wednesday to work for yourself, using the Spaces workplace facilities, or do some sightseeing around Amsterdam.

Day 3 - Thursday

Agile coaching: Individual and team

  • Back to the drawing board: your personal definition of Agile and Agile coaching
  • The role of an Agile coach for Agile professionals and teams
  • Exploring needs in an Agile environment

Day 4 - Friday

Group dynamics

  • Four levels of communications
  • Frame of reference
  • Enable motion and influence by using your strengths
  • Communication within virtual teams