Coaching of Agile teams and organisations - 4 days

* There will be a final evaluation and the community system will be set up for all participants who decide not to continue the programme after the practitioner level.

Day 5 - Monday


  • What it takes to deliver a workshop: diverge, iterate and converge
  • Developing a high quality workshop
  • Workshop facilitation

Day 6 - Tuesday

Observation and interpretation

  • Unpredictable groups and group processes
  • Providing feedback towards and between individuals and teams
  • Recognising resistance: dysfunctions of a team (Lencioni)
  • The impact of commitment


Break - Free day

To give you some headspace during the week we planned the Wednesday free of training. You can use the Wednesday to work for yourself, using the Spaces workplace facilities, or do some sightseeing around Amsterdam.

Day 7 - Thursday

Agile coaching: Teams and organisation

  • Agile anti-patterns
  • Getting to the heart of the issue
  • Deep dive into the context of the Agile organisation
  • Dealing with complexity in Agile organisations

Day 8 - Friday

Tools and interventions for coaching

  • Making connections between individuals and groups
  • Implementing knowledge and tools
  • Coaching: from thinking to doing

Retrospective of the training programme to date.