Apply Agile Way of Working to areas beyond software and learn how to harness the power of Agile/Lean methodologies to develop hardware products and products involving both software and hardware. This training combines theory with real world cases to help the participants find out how they can apply the principles and methods in their own context, boosting temaworks and scaling Agile way of working.


Learn how to use the newest Lean/Agile methodologies to drastically reduce your time to market, acquire flexibility and respond to changes in requirements and markets with ease.

This way you can improve the quality of your products, be more productive, ignite innovation, achieve predictability in your projects. By scaling Agile you will boost teamwork and close collaboration among technical and business people, in the end increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.


Professionals involved in developing hardware products and products that combine both hardware and software design.

This training is suitable for hardware professionals from all industries.

Build up your knowledge with other hardware professionals

By joining the training you are not only building your knowledge but also your network. Agile is relevantly new concept for the hardware business, and we are well equipped to take you on this new learning journey from first steps into scaling.

Practical real-life cases from manufacturing business

From coffeemachines to semiconductors, space and aviation to the biggest machines in the world, we will give you best practices directly from the industries themselves.

Our customer cases include one of the most known hardware businesses in the world, and now you have the chance to learn from them.

Make the step to become the Agile Change Agent in your organization

What's next? This is the launch of Your personal development. We want to make sure that you and your company are in the forefront of the development. We have the tools and the knowledge to help you further. Of course, make sure to bring your colleagues to Agile Hardware event in July with a special discount!


of respondents said that they had success with Agile projects in their organization. 74% indicated more than half of their agile projects had been successful.

Business value, on-time delivery of projects and customer/user satisfaction have remained the top three measures of agile initiative’s success.*


State Of Agile Report, 2018)


“I believe that the Agile way of working has the power to awaken the curiosity and creativity in every single individual. These two habits are essential in engineering. During this two-day training we will help you understand the tools and practices to do exactly this.” - Ali Hajou

Ali is experienced in working in the pharmaceutical, financial, and public services industry. In these projects Ali had the privilege to support, various development and management teams in finding and scaling their Agile Way of Working.

He has experienced the advantages of iterative product development that include the development of hardware and software components in the pharmaceutical industry, the semiconductor industry, and more. Ali helped them find their own Agile Way of Working, as 'the standard practices' do not always apply 'right out-the-box'.