Agile Coach Conference Amsterdam

October 28, 2020

Theme: 'Enterprise-level coaching: getting the ear of the C-suite'

Enterprise-level coaching: getting the ear of the C-suite

About Agile Coach Conference

The number of people who call themselves ‘Agile coach’ has exploded in recent years. For Gladwell Academy, reason enough to step up and build a platform for knowledge exchange in this diverse discipline. First order of business: the first Agile Coach Conference on 28 October ’20. A place to meet and become immersed in the profession.

Why Agile Coach Conference?

With Agile ways of working being embraced by large corporate multinationals, the need for Agile coaches grows. As a blend of internal consultant, guru, fire fighter, this average coach has little problems with the diversity of their role. For most of them it’s probably part of what it means to practice Agility.

The agenda will cover topics like, which kinds of coach are there? Who has which kinds of expertise, competencies and capabilities? How do you make yourself stand out as an Agile coach? How do you get the ear of management? The rest of the agenda, we’re letting the coaches themselves fill it in by listening to what they have to say. We’re just creating platform, but the conversation is for the coaches themselves to have.



Expected attendees

While the focus of the event is on ‘accessing the C-Suite’ so mostly enterprise level coaching, we encourage any Agile coach who wants to enhance their game to join us. If you’re an Agile coach interested in sharing stories, gaining new knowledge and insights, networking and developing your skills at an enterprise level...this is the event for you.

Download the flyer and have a look at the program!

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The purpose of the event is to inspire and inform our attendees about the latest trends in Agile Coaching. Does your company wish to communicate with this target audience?


We offer three different packages for promotion before and during the event. If there are any questions about the partnership options, please contact Miranda Goossens.