All Gladwell trainers work as a coach/consultant with our clients around the world. That is why they know better than anyone how to connect theory with practice.

Gladwell Academy works closely with BlinkLane consulting and specifically hires T-shaped professionals.

These T-shaped professionals all have generic coaching, consulting and training skills and competences. We believe a good trainer should also be an excellent coach and vice versa. These are just extensions of each other, not seperate domains. Therefore all our trainers have experience in these domains and we also ensure that we train our own trainers. All our trainers are:

  • Good communicators
  • Excellent facilitators
  • High energy and engaging people

All our trainers are trained in and have access to our Agile training toolkit. This toolkit is our combined experience of the best training materials, which we have gathered and developed over the years.

Next to that all our trainers also develop themselves in a certain expertise area:

  • Training and coaching teams / individuals or Leadership teams
  • Agile transformation coaching

This allows us to select the appropriate trainer for a specific course and thereby ensuring that we deliver the highest quality training and also engage with the audience in a fun, yet effective, manner.