Success stories of Fortune 500 companies

We had participants of the following companies in our SAFe classes:

- Toyota (Japan) - Airbus (Netherlands)

- Nissan (Japan) - Deutsche Bank (Germany)

- Reliance Industries (India) - Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands)

- TATA Consultancy service (India) - Walmart (U.S)

- Fujitsu (Japan) - Wal Disney (U.S)

- GlobalBlue Singapore (Singapore) - Intel (U.S)

- SAP China Co ltd (China) - Dell (U.S)

- Philips (India) - American Express (U.S)

- Siemens (India) - Honeywell International (U.S)

- Pepsico (India) - Accenture (Ireland)

- Bosch Group - SAP (Germany)

- Fujitsu (Japan) - Nokia (Finland)

- Microsoft (U.S) - Boeing (U.S)

- MetLife (U.S) - Lockheed Martin (U.S)

Air France - KLM

One of Europe’s largest passenger airline groups, Air France – KLM operates up to 2,200 flights daily and carries over 93 million passengers annually. The company’s five airlines—Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Transavia, HOP! Air France and Joon—cover 320 destinations across 114 countries.

“We wanted to experiment and demonstrate Agile principles and practices across domains. By empowering each business domain, acknowledging specific contexts in domains, fostering sharing, and ‘try and learn,’ SAFe has helped us get on the right track to success.”

Claire Charbit, Program Management NWOW #agile Adoption, Air France-KLM


The largest insurance conglomerate in The Netherlands is Achmea Inc. With its roots firmly in Dutch history, today the company employs more than 15,000 people in six countries worldwide, insuring millions under its many brand labels. This lumbering heavyweight is turning itself around to embrace light-footed Agility with the help of SAFe – and Gladwell Academy.

“Listen… We didn’t just implement SAFe for feature development; we didn’t limit ourselves to IT either. We’re really going all the way: over the course of about five years, we’ve followed through with the value-driven mindset for IT development and supporting functions like Human Resources, with Corporate Housing, Facilities, and Disciplines such as Quality Control, Architecture, Financials…”

Pepijn Arts, Agile Coach at Achmea NV