Remote Learning Done Right

Gladwell Academy's remote classrooms are an exciting alternative to learning in a social physical environment. These remote classes are powered by several best-in-class online social technologies,which won’t require any additional hardware on your end – and they’re easy to join. Remote classes are broadcast live by an accredited course instructor. You’ll be able to interact with classmates and your instructor using chat, audio and/or video. Edit relevant documents together live, debate about learning topics and share your questions and thoughts at the click of a button. It’s a lot like a physical classroom, but without the hassle of travel.

Key features

  • Live expert instruction The trainer is live and can answer any of your questions in real time. You can communicate with the instructor both electronically and verbally in our live online training, interacting just as you would in the classroom.

  • Courseware Participants will be provided with a high-quality version of the course materials in an electronic/digital format. We will provide these digital materials to all students after registration. We adapt all courseware specifically for optimal online delivery!

  • Labs and breakouts Online platforms allow for hands-on group activities in thrilling breakout sessions. It’s the benefit of group work from a physical classroom, with additional online features!

  • Peer Interaction In this remote, live online training environment you will gain valuable knowledge from interactions with your peers, in our breakout sessions, and during plenary moments.