Each day starts at 9 am and ends around 5 pm. The days include breaks.


  • What is technical excellence and why it's important for overall agility
  • The definition of quality. The relevance of internal and external quality.
  • Hands on experience on converting a bad piece of code into clean code using the fundamentals of code smells and refactoring techniques
  • Introducing refactoring techniques
  • Applying refactoring techniques on a set of bad code examples - hands on
  • Test Driven Development - How to do test first development - Introducing Test Driven Development Patterns - How to identify and write the tests - How to refactor the tests further and make the code better - Exercises
  • Behaviour Driven Development - What BDD is all about... - Difference between BDD and TDD - When to use BDD - How to write BDD tests - Exercises