Our trainers share both their theoretical and practical experiences with you. They are professionals, consultants who work in this field daily which provides a concrete, up-to-date and very clear understanding of the challenges you face. Various exercises and best practices from the market provide you with tools that you can apply directly within your department after training.


Theoretical knowledge: Agile and Scrum

  • Agile Philosophy
  • Agile Manifest Game:The Puzzle
  • The Principles Behind the Agile Manifest
  • Agile Coin Game

Scrum roles, rituals and artifacts

  • Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team
  • Self-organization (exercise)
  • Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up, Demo and Retrospective
  • Writing User Stories (exercise)

The Scrum Master and the team

  • Coaching the team in self-organization and multidisciplinary approaches
  • Planning Poker & Prioritize the User Stories exercise
  • Removing obstacles to team progress
  • Facilitating Scrum rituals


The Scrum Master and Product Owner

  • Supporting the Product Owner in his role in relation to the team
  • The Daily Scrum Game
  • Monitoring the clear management of the Product Backlog

Attitude and behavior of the Scrum Master

  • Leadership in continuous improvement
  • Coaching in execution
  • Techniques and retrospectives

Collaboration with Agile Teams: Increment planning

  • Scaled Agile:Increment planning
  • Scaled Agile Framework
  • Wrap-up

Exam training

  • Taking and discussing trial exam
  • Extra explanation of desired topics
  • Tips and tricks