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Industry: Financial Services (B2C and B2B)

Period: July 2015 - current

Together with the client, this experiment was used to initiate a Scaling Agile initiative in one of the key segments of the company. The success of this initiative made Achmeadecide to select Gladwell Academy and BlinkLane Consulting as their partners for the enterprise-scale Agile transformation. To date, all division of Achmea have set up agile development value streams, apply Lean-Agile Strategy and Portfolio Management, and execute over 90% of their product and systems development through Agile teams. A central program has been launched to also transform supporting functions, including HR, Finance and Risk, and Facilities. Transformation KPI’s indicate considerable and objective improvements in most business domains, including shorter time-to-markets, increased quality and higher delivery predictability.

Sten Reijnen, Senior Manager IT Achmea

Air France - KLM

One of Europe’s largest passenger airline groups, Air France – KLM operates up to 2,200 flights daily and carries over 93 million passengers annually. The company’s five airlines—Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Transavia, HOP! Air France and Joon—cover 320 destinations across 114 countries.

“We wanted to experiment and demonstrate Agile principles and practices across domains. By empowering each business domain, acknowledging specific contexts in domains, fostering sharing, and ‘try and learn,’ SAFe has helped us get on the right track to success.”

Claire Charbit, Program Management NWOW #agile Adoption, Air France-KLM