Compass for your transformation journey

What's included?

Content of the Compass to Scaling Agile online platform

● 60+ minutes of original content

● Online community of experts and peers

● Workbook with 25+ assignments

● Free e-book on scaling Agile

Reommended: 4 one-on-one coaching calls (30 minutes each)

…And much more!

Program - 4 Modules

Watch the video below to get an overview of the four modules.

1 Change Landscape

  • Determine where your organization is on its Agile journey and where are you as a change agent within this landscape.
  • Recommended: 30 Minutes coaching call

2 Define challenges

  • Find out what your scaling Agile challenges are and how can you overcome them by learning from real-life stories of other organizations
  • Recommended: 30 Minutes coaching call30 Minutes coaching call

3 Design experiments

  • Design experiments that will help you find out what works to scale Agile in your organization’s unique environment.
  • Recommended: 30 Minutes coaching call30 Minutes coaching call

4 Action & Reflection

  • Start your experiments by applying the build-measure-learn feedback loop. This includes effectively using data and feedback to determine your next step.
  • Recommended:30 Minutes final coaching call


1. Complimentary extra materials and support

2. Digital Dojo for continuous skill building

3. Four Modules with 30 minutes of coaching in between (recommended)

4. Co-development of the course

Work method

This online platform is about your change process and should proceed according your needs. Modules are not meant for one-off completion, but can work as a platform for improving the roadmap and to get back to improving your experiments.

Learning Goals

The Compass to Scaling Agile
helps you take action and conduct experiments like a true scaling-Agile expert by guiding you through four main steps.


Background of basic knowledge of scaling Agile obtained through training.

For who?

Are you the right person for this journey?

The Compass to Scaling Agile platform is best suited for people that...

● want to scale Agile inside their organization (bottom-up).

● have basic knowledge of scaling Agile obtained through training.

● don’t want to be dependent on expensive consultants.

● can’t wait to take real, meaningful action.