Our trainers share both their theoretical and practical experience with you. They are daily involved in Agile transformation projects in the field thanks to their consultancy assignments. This gives them a good picture of the challenges that you are facing within your role. Through various exercises and best practices from the field, you will get hands-on experience that you can immediately apply within your organization.

Module 1 Intro

  • What do we want to achieve?

Module 2 Solution Areas

  • What is a Solution Area and how does it work?
  • Solution Areas and Agile Release Trains
  • Working with Problem Spaces
  • Mastering Self-Selection
  • Descaling in Solution Areas

Module 3 Solution Trains

  • Planning Conference: Heartbeat of the Solution Train
  • Solution Train Events
  • Refinement in Large Solutions
  • Supplier Collaboration

Module 4 Self-Organize Around Value in SAP

  • Value Stream Networks
  • Visualize dependencies between business processes
  • Apply Value Stream Networks and Solution Areas to organize around value

Module 5 LACE Teams in Large Solutions

  • What is Organizational Architecture?
  • How to set up a LACE Team in a Large Solution

Module 6 SAP DevSecOps Overview

  • End2End Test automation
  • CI/CD tool chain example
  • Balance demand with capacity with one Backlog
“ Understand how to guide your organisation through the next level of complexity when big teams work on highly integrated enterprise solutions”