Within the automotive industry, there is an obvious need for a dedicated RTE. Aligning teams is not an easy feat, as each team deals with their respective stakeholders, to safeguard their increments and creating solutions, continuously reducing risk and remaining compliant each iteration. These widely diverse teams are aligned to a shared mission through their ART to plan, commit, develop and integrate increments from various engineering disciplines together. The cross-discipline nature of ART and the continuous ‘flow of value’ it aims to deliver, requires a trained RTE to safeguard the collaborative engineering process and the Value Stream. The multi-disciplinarity that exists by default within the ARTs in the automotive industry, can be increasingly challenging to align. This goes beyond combining various engineering disciplines within teams. It is also the result of conflicting timelines, different engineering language, engineering standards, development timelines and particular disciplines having their own-way-of-working. And that is only the internal aspect of it. When looking from an external point of view, there is also the continuously changing market, requiring a faster response from the automotive industry. Industry standards change, innovation demands increase and logically, production processes need to be comply and become faster. The RTE for for Automotive Industry focusses on combining the various engineering disciplines to truly develop towards value. To recognize and be able to avoid stand alone and un-integrated components. The RTE will safeguard structured processes and coherence between teams, learning to facilitate and enable end-to-end value delivery through ART.