At Gladwell Academy we develop training courses that either prepare professionals for work in an Agile organization, or we train them to help others do so. After seeing the successful experiences booked by small start-ups and forward-thinking, ‘rebel’ departments and teams, today large corporations too are working desperately to embrace the sexy and promising way of working. They’re arguably the ones most in need of this evolution: weighed down by procedural bloat and stifling hierarchy. They’re also the ones hardest pressed to stay ahead, with so many nimble start-ups encroaching from all sides. Yet they’re also the ones to whom working with the agility of a start-up comes least naturally, and presents the most difficulty


Gladwell Academy trains professionals at the intersection of management, IT and innovation. Data and technology have a growing impact on all aspects of working life; Gladwell Academy teaches people to master each of these and get the best from their position, passions and roles.


Abram Janse is senior trainer and coach at Gladwell Academy. He has extensive experience with scaling Agile, interactive group trainings and Agile change management for clients worldwide in both the private and public sector. He achieves this by facilitating group interactions and individual growth, supported by visualisations, serious gaming, gamification and online learning platforms.

The fact that it’s widely seen as desirable doesn’t make Agile an easy thing to embrace – precisely for those big, established enterprises. As much as people loathe the bureaucracy and hierarchy that they’ve been brought up with as professionals, most people find it surprisingly difficult to let go of those habits, or to replace them with something so amorphous and initially unfamiliar. So how do you do it? How to transform from a lumbering conventional corporation to a flexibly Agile organization? Which bottlenecks and drivers you can expect, when in the process? That is the subject of this white paper.

Looks to be a fun ride, doesn’t it? Read on…!