We’ve said it before here: the fact that working Agile makes sense, doesn’t make it easy. Transforming the way you work, and at the same time the way you organize work takes both the guts to launch into the unknown and the resolve to see it through. Knowing this, it helps to have an idea of what you’re up against. And though no two organizations are the same, patterns have emerged over the years. We’ll discuss them here, to prepare you and your organization for the journey ahead.


In an ‘ideal’ transformation journey, each phase in the transition would happen in full accordance with Agile principles. In reality, we find though that companies have enough of a challenge going through one change at a time – getting comfortable with ‘this Agile thing’ first before moving on to ‘that Agile thing’. Departmental constraints prove resilient, as do engrained protocols and forces of habit. We’ve taken this observation into account in Figure 1 by breaking up certain changes in the voyage into several steps that could, theoretically, happen in a single leap.