Up to now, several concepts we’ve discussed may appear abstract and intangible. The notion of the pliable, amorphous organization may be difficult to grasp; more alien than the hierarchies and departments we were all introduced to when we joined the workforce – even resembling the classrooms and demarcated disciplines we first encountered in school. The notion of the transformation ‘journey’ may be equally hard to ‘get’. Presuming our goal is to leave the familiarity of the conventional and li miting hierarchical structures behind – what is it like? Even the step-by-step stylized journey shown above probably won’t alleviate that doubt. We’re going into that here.

The Mondriaan Game

During the exercise, participants train these competences:

1. Creating a common perception of the journey, the expected vistas and valleys. Going from “tell me what I have to do right now” to “what are we actually working towards?”

2. Playing out and reviewing scenarios to get used to them.

3. Experiencing setbacks and successes together. Creating a ‘can do’ attitude.

4. Building collective knowledge and skills to deal with change together.


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