Traditional strategy approaches were not designed for a rapidly changing world, and leading enterprises are responding by adopting an adaptive strategy approach. SAFe offers a Solution Train pattern as one way of thinking as part of the Intelligent Operating Model for large transformations.

This two-day Large Solutions Training will teach you how to address this challenge, with hundreds of people working together leveraging lean-agile at scale. You will also be able to implement an Intelligent Operating Model in your organisation as well as apply leverages strategic and tactical scaling practices such as Solution Trains, Solution Areas, and Planning Conferences.

The pre-Condition to attend this Large Solution Training is having completed the Implementing SAFe Training with SPC Certification. Gladwell will offer Implementing SAFe Training in the middle of November before the Large Solutions Training, click here to visit the course website for finding more information.

Benefits of the course:

The Large Solutions Training presents possibilities, roles, tools, attitudes, events, workshops, and visions of how people in large organizations can work together in a meaningful and agile way.


  • Methods for organizational development Organizational architecture as a scientific discipline
  • Antipatterns in organizational development
  • Role of leadership in organizational development
  • Workshops as a driver for organizational development

Learning objectives:

You will learn fundamentals how to launch and guide one Agile Release train with SPC Training and then understand how to guide your organisation through the next level of complexity when more than 125 people work on highly integrated enterprise solutions with the Large Solutions Training. Upgrade your skills to start mastering Large Solutions learn the how to with us.


This training is aimed at those who are directly involved in large-scale transformations. This includes users, change agents and consultants who are responsible for the implementation of agile programs and portfolios as part of a lean-agile change initiative for companies. Participants typically include:

  • Consultant
  • Internal Change Agents
  • Participants of the Lean-Agile Center for Excellence (LACE)
  • Agile working groups/executives from the fields of business and technology, Managers and Directors
  • Portfolio Managers and Sponsors
  • Project / Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Development, QA and IT Managers
  • Program and Project Manager
  • Product and Product Line Manager
  • Employees for process leads and lifecycle governance
  • Enterprise, system and solution Architects
“Become the Change Agent in your organization”